New personnel

New personnel


Mrs. Sargsyan, You have spent  more than 15,000 hours in the air, more than 22 years in aviation field, and  now you are heading the Flight Attendant Service of air company «Armenia». Starting from December 2017, your team started to supplement with a significant number of young personnel. What are the reasoning factors for your HR policy?    

The aviation industry is constantly expanding and developing. The number of flights operated by air company «Armenia»  is also expanding, which is requiring an addition of new personnel. In addition to  that, new, young people bring endurance, a new working style with them, which is very important to us, but at the same time, this does not diminish the importance of the old staff as they give their  experience and knowledge to newcomers. Aviation field always needs new personnel.

Which standarts are you following while choosing new personnel?

Aviation is an alluring and at the same time, a risky field. First of all, the flight attendant is responsible for the comfortable and safe transportation of the passengers, which requires a huge knowledge background.  If you want to be a flight attendant, you need to have a higher education, to know at least 3 foreign languages, and to be physically healthy. Particular attention is paid to the height (the flight attendant height should be at least 2.10 cm, with arms, raised to the air). As for personal data, it is extremely important to have a high sense of responsibility, boldness, agility, and ability to quickly resolve problems in any situation.

What kind of  trainings the flight attendant attends?

First of all, they go through the initial course of flight attendant training, which includes detailed trainings on aircraft structure, different class passenger service, passenger, and cargo transportation. In accordance with that, they pass trainings on aviation security, transportation of dangerous goods, and first medical aid. After two-month theory course they start their practical courses abroad, as well as in Armenia.

Are you satisfied with the results?

Of course, yes, we do everything, so that at the end of the training our flight attendants will be able to perform with their responsibilities even with their eyes closed. That’s very important to us, as we are dealing with the most important factor-the people’s life.

Are there any plans in the near future concerning new trainings, or addition of new personnel

Taking into account the continuing development of the air company, our team also has a tendency to expand. As for the trainings, they are implemented regularly each year. Twice a year flight attendants pass a medical checkup. Several times in a year there are meetings with the head of the Flight Attendant Service, to discuss new laws, and to improve the service quality and the qualification of flight attendants.

I would also like to note, that it is not the first time, when the air company is preparing a new member of the Flight Service from the very beginning, and with its own funds. Since the air company's foundation, 7 First-Officers and 3 airplane Captains were trained in Amsterdam and Vilnius training centers.

Such HR policy is a great achievement not only for air company «Armenia», but also for the Armenian civil aviation.

Interview by: Nelli Kostandyan





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