Online schedule

From To Weekdays Departure Arrival Duration
Yerevan Mineralnye Vody Monday, Thursday 13:30 13:25 00:55
Mineralnye Vody Yerevan Monday, Thursday 14:25 16:25 01:00
Yerevan Voronezh Tuesday,Friday 09:50 11:00 02:10
Voronezh Yerevan Tuesday,Friday 12:00 15:10 02:10
Yerevan Tel Aviv Thursday 17:55 19:25 02:30
Tel Aviv Yerevan Thursday 20:40 00:05 02:30
Yerevan Tel Aviv Sunday 20:10 21:40 02:30
Tel Aviv Yerevan Sunday 22:40 02:05 02:25
Yerevan Tbilisi Monday,Wednesday,Saturday 18:00 18:30 00:30
Tbilisi Yerevan Monday,Wednesday,Saturday 16:30 17:00 00:30
Yerevan Tbilisi Tuesday,Friday 08:00 08:30 00:30
Tbilisi Yerevan Tuesday,Friday 07:00 07:30 00:30
Yerevan Tbilisi Sunday 08:30 09:00 00:30
Tbilisi Yerevan Sunday 07:30 08:00 00:30



15.09.2018 - An Interview with the deputy director of “Armenia” air-company Gevorg Khachatryan

Beginning from the 28th of October, 2018, the air-company “Armenia” is shifting to the new- winter timetable, offering more affordable and cheaper prices to its passengers. All of this and not only was presented to us by the deputy director of “Armenia” air-company Gevorg Khachatryan in our talk.  

07.06.2019 - To fly from happiness: in its truest sense. The  marriage proposal in the plane.

Gevorg Khachatryan  proposed marriage to his beloved Diana Khachatryan on the airplane of “Armenia”.

14.05.2018 - “Armenia” air-company has a new pilot-in-command: the pilot has left UAE and came back to his homeland

The pilot with 33-years’ experience has left UAE and returned to his homeland after receiving an offer from the air company “Armenia”.  

12.09.2018 - Voronezh and the Armenians: what is the Armenian community doing?

In the airplane to Voronezh, the 90% of the passengers are Armenians- mainly with Russian citizenship. They have spent the summer holidays in the Armenian land and now they are going back to Russia- Voronezh by different reasons- outgoing work, asphalt work. At the airport of Voronezh the first landing are also Armenians.